1. avatar danbastard
  2. avatar Baronation
    I see they are playing Austin Texas on 19/06/09, when I am there, but typical, it's sold out.......

    Currently looking at some tickets on ebay.
  3. avatar Andrew
    I told Jughead he should have reformed the band without Ben Weasel. Now that slippery clown has beaten him to it.

    Nice guys finish last!
  4. avatar exportsimsie
    You know, being a huge fucking Screeching Weasel fan, i'm just not as excited about this as you'd expect me to be.

    In the past year or two he's released his solo album, reformed and recorded a new Riverdales Album and is now playing a few gigs as Screeching Weasel. It all just seems a bit much and i'm not sure he's quite settled on what he's doing.

    Maybe he's just writing a fuck load of songs and knows they'd sound best either as his solo project, Riverdales or SW tho.

    Who knows!

    Would have been happier if Jughead was involved I guess. I'm more excited about the new Teenage Bottlerocket album.
  5. avatar Baronation
    Quite right Simmsy, not convinced this is as good a thing as it could be, the solo albums leave a lot to be desired, Riverdales are just alright and without Jughead this is not the Screeching Weasel I know and love. Of course I will buy the new album and I would still like to see this line up live...

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  6. avatar danbastard
    Jughead must be feeling a bit crap over the past events of the decade... first Weasel breaking up because Ben "didn't want to tour", only to see him forming the Riverdales (with the entire Weasel line up at the time, [i:a9658fef39]sans[/i:a9658fef39] Jughead) and buggering off on tour with Green Day. Now this. I bet Jughead is sullenly weeping into his Weasels in a Box footnotes and his imaginary royalties, courtesy of Larry Livermore. Ah well!