1. avatar SITH_creations
  2. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    i had money stolen and bought from forbidden planet a while back - maybe connected - did the accounts say that Cube Ltd+442032869991 took from the accounts? the situation has absolutely screwed me recently.
  3. avatar SITH_creations
    i'd probably say you have been hit too man. no that info doesn't ring a bell... but the ppl that stroked me spent the money on flights either to or from cork using edreams.co.uk and my sister got hit for ppl buying web hosting so to completely different things yet we both got hacked from forbidden planet!!!!!
  4. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    cheers for the info anyway - at least it gives me some ground to stand on regarding arguing my case - all i know is that I haven't spent 2k on a flutter down the bookies!
  5. avatar SITH_creations
    yikes... well hopefully both of us get this resolved. Good luck man.
  6. avatar Forbiddenplanet.com
    My first post!
    ForbiddenPlanet.com and Forbidden Planet.co.uk are two separate companies.

    We were contacted by several of our customers recently with regards to a possible security breach on our website.
    ForbiddenPlanet.com have conducted a thorough assessment of our website, shopping basket and internal systems and have found no evidence of any security issues. We would like to assure our customers that our site is secure and that their details are at no risk of exposure.

    Should any customers need to update their card details we advise them to use the secure login on www.forbiddenplanet.com or to call our customer services team directly. Please be advised that you should never send credit or debit card numbers via email as this is not a secure method with which to update your details.

    We treat our customers privacy and security as our top concern and will continue to closely monitor all online transactions for any risk of card fraud.

    Should you have any concerns regarding transactions you have placed with us and wish to speak to our team, please visit http://forbiddenplanet.com/Contact.html