1. avatar Airean
    My first post!
    we r a guitarist/keyboardist/bassist lookin for a drummer and singer.
    We do a few covers but mostly are our stuff.
    We play viking/pirate/folk metal
    check us at www.myspace/vykrin or youtube www.youtube.com/user/AireanVykrin

    influences: korpiklaani,turisas,blind guardian,trollfest,alestorm,ensiferum,helloween

    check us out ^^
  2. avatar blackmog
    and we are from newtownards btw ^_^
  3. avatar Airean
  4. avatar manversusjim
    Ragin, I went and cut off all my viking/pirate/folk hair... :roll:
  5. avatar Recycled Alien
    I think it's great when any local band does something out of the ordinary. There's maybe a wee bit of samey-ness in the tracks you have on Myspace, but they made me smile anyway.

    It's really prog rock for goblins and trolls, isn't it?
  6. avatar Alex-Circadian
    I'd consider this Bill Bailey-core to be honest.
  7. avatar Airean
    lol thanks for checkin us out
    were writin different genres of metal the next few songs are more power metal with accordian
    also we have bebo now so if u like please add us :)
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  8. avatar Airean
    bump......still looking members lol
  9. avatar Airean