1. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    8 answer messages left on my fuckin phone last night, from some head the balls claiming to be a band called Broken Thumb, who plan to take all on in Norn Iron, and issue us and others with slaps to the faces.

    Don't know who the f##k ye are, but when I do, their will be broken legs.
  2. avatar tenrabbits
    They're a pipe band.
  3. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    They're going to get a kick in their pipe. Wee c##ts.
  4. avatar wild bill goes commando
    Think thats bad smitty? Id a plumber with an English accent get me out of the bath the other night to answer the phone to tell me that he was coming round to give me a quote.......tiler my ass
  5. avatar Across the Line
    That's so weird!
    I'd to go over to London to interview Dave Grohl on Monday and he was talking about some band he'd heard of from Northern Ireland called Broken Thumbs.
    He seemed to think the name was something to do with Stiff Little Fingers.
    Anyone know more about them?
  6. avatar tinpot anto
    It sounds dead familiar for some reason.
  7. avatar xfirefishx
    Someone was talking about them on the QR board as well. Weird.
  8. avatar tinpot anto
    Well done Smitty I think you have successfully created a "buzz" for this band.

    All that is to hoped is that they exist and are actually good.
  9. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Ack anto, thanks for the kind words.

    But if I run into one of wee c##ts, they are getting my mobile shove up their rectum, and they can leave all the fuckin messages on it, till their hearts are content.
  10. avatar thesneakybandit
    i just tried out the oul google there cause i'm intrigued by this non-hype...

    came across this [url="http://www.garageband.com/user/BrokenThumb"]link here...[/url]

    dunno if these are the guys as i'm blocked from the site by my work firewall?
  11. avatar EPK
    Not unless they're American.
    I'll wait until I hear any music going.
    People telling me how great they are usually turns me off right away, if I bother listening at all.
  12. avatar tinpot anto
    No but in all seriousness, I have heard this name, somewhere on my travels.
  13. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    I've heard a few people talking about them but I have no idea who they are or where they are from.
    It's all a bit mysterious really....
  14. avatar Jesus Knieval
    Well they have a crackin PR machine already!
  15. avatar Daithi jasper
    I'm well put off them already.
  16. avatar Pete
    I heard a bit of talk about them, someone described the stuff as like Spinal Tap only more indie.
  17. avatar T Entertainment
    I heard they were like Marillion, only more Gabba.
    Edited by: T Entertainment at: 11/5/05 8:21 pm
  18. avatar the dirty weed
    i heard they were a Sexy Samurai side project
  19. avatar whosbainejakey
    I heard they were "this year's The Thrills."
  20. avatar Anonymous
    I heard it was this year's The Give My Head Peace.