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    [b:66381c4220]THE CORNCRAKES[/b:66381c4220] first played Common Grounds late last year, and completely blew us away! This fabulous in.die folk outift is fronted by Dave Robb, an extremely gifted bouzouki player who has worked with the likes of the Proclaimers and Rua.

    The Corncrakes also feature Dee McCaskie, Helen Mahaffy and Paul Webster. They have recorded their first EP with producer Mudd Wallace, which will be released in the Spring.


    [b:66381c4220]STEVE MCCANN[/b:66381c4220] is one of our favourite performers at Common Grounds and always comes up with something special for us. He has been experimenting with different styles a lot recently, so we're all waiting to see what he's going to come up with for us this time! No matter what he does, its always quality.



    Music starts at 8pm. Donations to charity.

    Common Grounds is at 12-24 University Avenue, Belfast.
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    It really will be. The Corncrakes are playing as a duo tonight due to illness with some of the band members, but will be ace, nonetheless. And Steve is always top class.