1. avatar merten_4_mcguffin
    happy days, a quick return
  2. avatar Amz
  3. avatar the*optimist
    Yay! I heard them at midnight the night they just played and was a little gutted! I'm going to bring everyone I know!
  4. avatar GerdaTaro
    I cannot overstate how good the Feb. gig was. My ticket for Saturday has been on the fridge for weeks and I keep stroking it in anticipation...
  5. avatar bottleofsmoke
    Thought they seemed happy to be playin here at the Belfast gig (which is missing in some foreign bands IMO) a few months ago, I was obviously right. Anybody in two minds over this really should head down, they were great.
  6. avatar GerdaTaro
    [Anybody in two minds over this really should head down, they were great.]

    Seriously. This band are so special I'm in two minds whether to keep them all to myself (place was half empty last time) or try to spread the word to make the boys feel welcome. Only so they'll come back and do it all again. If you're in the market for some filthy guitar underscored by lush orchestration and a band who Just Love Doing It, get yersel' to AA's Sat
  7. avatar Niall Harden
    Plus, after Heliopause, Wintersleep are playing! Bonus!
    Or something
  8. avatar merten_4_mcguffin
    oblivion, miasmal smoke, astronaut...this is going to be epic...
  9. avatar GerdaTaro
    Can anyone clarify 'early show' as once fully Wintersleep'd up and Drunk On Aluminium I'd like to float off in a post-coital miasmal-smoke reverie and catch Cashier at the Black Box. In fact someone should put on a bus 'rocklink'
  10. avatar AndyNexus
    Anyone have any idea regarding stage times tonight?
  11. avatar merten_4_mcguffin
    yeah stage times anyone?
  12. avatar GerdaTaro
    just 'phoned A Annies, early scores on the doors and 8pm stage I'm reliably informed
  13. avatar silvercord
    just found out i can go, but no ticket, anyone know if you can pay on the door to this?
  14. avatar silvercord
    ah, that was nice
  15. avatar GerdaTaro
    For those that don't, Wintersleep twitter-feed this morning:
    "Thank you Belfast! We've never had a beer bottle thrown at us before! It was just like Roadhouse. The Keyboards are broke."

    This band is a wrecking ball, shame about the banker with the wottle.

  16. avatar merten_4_mcguffin
  17. avatar bottleofsmoke
    Shame on u geezer who threw the bottle, couldn't make this gig, seen the last one... hopefully it didn't ruin the performance, did it gerda? "I Got outta bed today, swear da god i couldn't see my face..." luv that song :)
  18. avatar GerdaTaro
    No complaints here. And Heliopause were a rather pleasant revelation too.
  19. avatar Crackity_jones
    Heliopause are excellent. I was at Sons & Daughters/Frightened Rabbit so missed this but it sounds like it was a good 'un. Bad craic about the bottle throwing though.
  20. avatar GerdaTaro
    Yeeess, what's with that? Everyone there was clearly bang into this band. Did he get whipped into such a frenzy he just couldnt help himself and before he knew it he was lobbing an Erlanger? Perhaps its an accolade in a punk-parallel gig universe. -Here, not being sexist by assuming it was a bloke. Though be amusing to send the Wintersleepers back to Halifax with a "Belfast...yeah...great gig but some bird tried to bottle us"
  21. avatar silvercord
    It was a middle aged fella that was standing right beside me withs oem Mod lookin fella with his hands in his pockets jumpin,

    The fella that threw it really seemed to like the band and went nuts during anything off Welcome to the night sky, when he threw it he clenched his fist with a "come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" feel about him, for a slightly intimate gig i dont reallt know what we was trying to achieve, aul bastid none the less.

    Wintersleep though, i was defiantely impressed.
  22. avatar chrisjedijane
    Great show, although the guy who threw the bottle was completely out of line. I went up to him right after, and told him that it's completely unacceptable to act like that. I told him I saw him do it but he denied it, so he obviously knew that he was in the wrong. Some people are jerks.
  23. avatar silvercord
    were you the

    "man, its not cool" guy? the guy blatently denied it i was right behind him and watched him do it cos he was fuckin me off as he kept thrown drink about, general Prick Dontchaknow.