1. avatar wewerelovers
    what's your musical guilty pleasure?
    sometimes they're way more interesting then the good stuff you listen to.

    mine is a strange unexplainable love for lemar.
    just one song though.
  2. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Hmmm. I absolutely LOVE Foreigner!!

    Loads of people find that odd but I largely reccomend them!!

    late 70's/early 80's AOR Rules!! :hat
  3. avatar tenrabbits
    I quite like the fast emperors (nee edgeweather).. but they seem to mostly get derision locally, for reasons I'm not quite sure of..? Yer man has a talent for melody alright..
  4. avatar Dougieguy
    About 2 years ago, i was working in a summer camp in america, and one of the kids left behind this mysterious pink/translucent minidisc ........

    It had no name on it, but I put it on, and it turned out to be about 20 tracks of this strangely hypnotic and incredibly cheesey trance/pop music with loads of synths and electric guitars etc. and a very squeaky voiced oriental female vocalist singing in an apparently oriental language.

    Thing is, I albsolutely loved it (much to the disgust of a few mates) but i still don't know anything about the band/group/artist/whatever
  5. avatar Jesus Knieval
    Neil Diamond - the REAL "King"!! 8)
  6. avatar T Entertainment
    I like two Level 42 songs - Something About You and that ballady one.
  7. avatar goodonpaper
    The Mavericks - Dance The Night Away.
  8. avatar boyinept
    type o negative - life is killing me

    i like most music, but i'm not really into metal. this is a really good album though
  9. avatar xfirefishx
    The Maverick's - eeeeeeeeeeeeek!

    But then again, I *definitely* have a soft spot for O-zone - Dragostea Din Tea and S Club 7 - Don't Stop Movin'. Oh and Anastacia - Sick&Tired
  10. avatar Daithi jasper
    The Stunning
  11. avatar The Onset
    Ciara, Gwen Stefani's new wan, and...eh....Kelis...

    I'll get me coat....and boob-tube.

    Jesus, I'm gonna get beatings.
  12. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    prefab sprout
  13. avatar xfirefishx
    I like some of Gwen Stefani's stuff. Hollaback Girl is shoite but Danger Zone is fantastic!

    Plus Kelis also has great songs - Trick Me and In Public. I think nothing shameful of it! Edited by: xfirefishx at: 9/5/05 2:59 pm
  14. avatar platform blues
    the distillers, 50cent, justin timberlake, lots of tacky emo.
  15. avatar the dirty weed
    Doc Bonkers
  16. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    Junior Senior.
  17. avatar Niall Harden
    for a good while 'these words' by natasha bedingfield and 'powerless' by nelly furtado were virtually on repeat chez niall.
  18. avatar the dirty weed
    Happy hardcore. Bis.
  19. avatar wild bill goes commando
    Niall, thon album of Nelly Fertado's: FOLKLORE is one of ym favourite records of all time....its a classic we record.....superb
  20. avatar Niall Harden
    i;ve stopped now (thankfully) but the likes of JX and scooter used to get spun more often than is safe round these parts.
    and of course there is MANOWAR
  21. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Manowar can never be considered guilty, particularly in the case of vinyl...
  22. avatar Niall Harden
    woohaahaa. we have Kings Of Metal on 12" (largely for the free poster, it has to be said)
  23. avatar kinta1
    cant beat a bit of busted
  24. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    On the happy hardcore bit, nothing cheers me up more than a blast of "Cold As Ice" by Stingray & Sonicdriver.
  25. avatar The Only Ronster
    I can't say that I feel 'guilty' about anything that I like.
  26. avatar Floorswine
    I should probably feel guilty about loving the mighty scumdogs of the universe, GWAR.
    Good job I don't though, cos they're amazing!
  27. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Eurodisco, Bis.
  28. avatar k1ngm0b
    That's a tune and a half Smitty.

    I really can't help liking Gwen Stefani's solo stuff - even Rich Girl.
  29. avatar The Onset
    come on, that new Gwen Stefani song rocks, it starts with this beat, then this crappy with synth...better than Scream if You wanna go faster (Geri Halliwell)....oh well...where on earth is that boob tube....

    Nelly Furtado, not only beaut, but had about three good songs.
  30. avatar wewerelovers
    i am totally loving this resurg of cheesy synths in songs!

    and kelis is a totally viable love - not just a guilty pleasure!
  31. avatar Pete
    Maroon 5

    And Bon Jovi

  32. avatar wonderfulballoon
    Early Cliff Richard! prefab sprout, Buggles: video killed the radio star, men in hats "safety dance"...the list goes on.

  33. avatar playennui
    I honestly can't say I feel guilty about anything I lie, but some of the stuff people have mentioned so far should be confined to the stereos of middle class boy racers and 40 year old salesmen.
  34. avatar 10rapid
    justin timberlake,
    christina aguilera,
    natasha bedingfield,
    even some phil collins.....

    so shoot me.
  35. avatar Pete
    some Phil Collins stuff is actually quite good...
  36. avatar wild bill goes commando
    Phil Collins is a genius...dont knock the daddy
  37. avatar Jesus Knieval
    [quote]some Phil Collins stuff is actually quite good...[/quote]

    What? Like his Disney stuff?
  38. avatar BinaryOperator
    nothing wrong with The Stunning Daithi. Fantastic end of Trip to Tipp gig. Still have the album sitting in my record collection....now all I need is a turntable to play it on hehe..

    That Nelly Fart-turdo album folklore was also a surprise to me ...

    As for myself:

    Thin Lizzy
    Lauren Hill (tho she is certifiable now)
    Fat Boy Slim (I was into him since santa cruz, knows his way round a sampler he does)
    Bill Withers (wayyy underrated here and too much associated with his big cheesy hits - which I love too)
  39. avatar mark lanegan

    its all about the dance like...
  40. avatar Blamethrower
    east17 with gabrelle thunder.

    i know, im already sitting in the corner.
  41. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Binaryoperator...THIN LIZZY??? What????

    Ok, about Phil Collins. He is superb. One of thee best drummers ever. His singing on A trick of the tale is very nice also.

    And that bit in miami vice where Sonny and Tubbs are going to get Calderone, They play in the air tonight and it really does make the scene.

  42. avatar Daithi jasper
    I saw the Stunning three times at Feile and once outside Making Tracks where they signed my LP. I'm getting on a bit aren't I?
  43. avatar whipchorus
    I'm all about the early R Kelly
  44. avatar JennyHill
    Oh, and a song that Greece submitted to the Eurovision in, um, about 1989.
    I had it on tape for ages :o
  45. avatar blackdog
    oh la la Mister Chris
  46. avatar The enfant terrible
    Paris Hilton - Stars are Blind

    The first two Alizee albums and some Shakira.
  47. avatar fopp
    Kiss me by Six pence none the richer.
  48. avatar whipchorus
  49. avatar tinpot anto
    I really love Alisha Dixon and her new class song!