1. avatar jenniemcc
    UP IN THE ATTIC continues it's musical journey of discovery on Tuesday 28 April at it's home in Auntie Annie's.

    [b:d1a7a85025]Strait Laces + Yes Cadets + Master Mercenary[/b:d1a7a85025]


    It'll be a right old knees up, come on down from 9pm onwards.

  2. avatar JTM
    Really looking forward to seeing the Strait Laces. I should also add that the 3rd band on 12th May are Whitehead's finest, Ended 31st.
  3. avatar clivemcl
    Ended 31st are ridiculously good at what they do, and young still at that, worth a check out IMO!

    Might head down for Straight Laces, last time I saw them Davey was dyin of flu and had basically no voice...
  4. avatar jenniemcc
    That was a Spring & Airbrake gig? I felt so sorry for him that night!!

    They're in fine form now, and a few new songs to test out.
  5. avatar andyzsp
    could someone send me strait laces email. or if reading could they send me a mail on andy_hasson@hotmail.com
  6. avatar JTM
    [quote:5a0ac10ee0="andyzsp"]could someone send me strait laces email. or if reading could they send me a mail on andy_hasson@hotmail.com[/quote:5a0ac10ee0]

  7. avatar jenniemcc
    Stage times for tomorrow:

    Master Mercenary 9.45
    Yes Cadets 10.30
    Strait Laces 11.15

  8. avatar mav_rick
    Hell yeah!
  9. avatar returnofthedogs
    caught the end of cadets sounded awesome! Strait Laces are on fine form!!
  10. avatar jenniemcc
    Aye, Cadets were great! And new SL songs sounding good.
  11. avatar Ron
    Was really impressed with Strait Laces new stuff. Good stuff lads.