1. avatar isis
    Hi Guys.
    Go Belfast Magazine is all for promoting local talent and Belfast's active live music scene. That is why we have our GO Live pages. If you send details of your upcoming gig to include:

    Date / Band name / Venue / Time / Door charge

    and send to:


    I can put it in our live listings. We work on a Bi-Monthly bases (once every two months) so you'll have to plan quite ahead of yourselves. We only have one page for these listings so it's first come first serve I'm afraid. Keep a wee eye on this thread as I will be letting you know when we are changing issues.

    Please do not ask us to write an article on your band. If you want us to cover you the best thing to do is to keep me posted on your progress, if any new developments happen etc, also if you have an album coming out, tour, a great support slot etc. Remember to work as far ahead of yourself as you can and keep me up to date with what you're up to.

    Cheers guys, Take 'er easy!

    Jennifer x x
  2. avatar isis
    We are now taking gigs in for our stand alone June Issue.
    Jennifer x :D
  3. avatar isis

    and I can put it in GO Belfast Magazines GO Live music listings. Be quick though, its first come first serve.
    (oh and the gig has to be in Belfast I'm afraid)

    This is for the June issue by the way...
  4. avatar Gogs
    I sent two listings in there, cheers.
  5. avatar isis
    Only have a couple of spaces left now guys so if you want it in your gigs in you'll have te get them to me by the end of today please...ta
  6. avatar isis
    Righty o chaps, Just got our live listings back from our lovely design team and we have room for about 4 more gigs in June. They have to be in Belfast and in June, include

    date/time/venue/band name/door tax.

    send to

    Jenni :smt035
  7. avatar isis
    Thats us full now, if you have anything coming up in July/Aug please feel free to send them over!

    Cheers guys!
  8. avatar isis
    OK guys, last few days to get your gig in GO Belfast Magazine. Just send
    date : time : venue : headliner : door cost

    to jennifer.warnock@pentonpublications.co.uk and we can put it into our GO live section.
    Gigs have to be in Belfast in the months of July/Aug.

    Its first come first serve so best be speedy...

    Kindest Regards

    FF: Sorry, tried to find my old thread and couldn't