1. avatar Martin In Theory
    drummers and guitarists are amazin


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  2. avatar Kellfire
    A7x are an attempt to combine Metallica, AFI and emo-bollocks. No, ta.
  3. avatar Martin In Theory
    lol :lol
    i cant say i agree a7x are fuckin class afi thats a joke misfits yea in places and a touch of the old maiden oh yea
  4. avatar Blamethrower
    big time gotta
  5. avatar ToiletStreet
    A7X are great, but Trivium is watery, self-indulgent fret wankery
  6. avatar kingbowski
    "Wankery" has to be one of the greatest words ever.

  7. avatar The Fires of Hell
    [quote]Pure rock.[/quote]

    Those made up cretins are about as far from Pure Rock as its possible to get.

    Awful, awful muck.
  8. avatar kickintheteeth
    not a fan of a7x much.

    but anyone who does like them can download a new song from

  9. avatar mikey fusz
    that new song is lush like. i havent listened to them much lately but and gonna fire them on NOW

    good thing i gave you "waking the fallen" eh martin you big bitch ye!!!!!

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  10. avatar Blamethrower
    ack no no no! they may not be pure rock. but they are rock!
    and they'r fun. made up? try atreyu or afi.