1. avatar himynameissween
    Right having just repurchased GTA IV i have rediscovered the problem i had with it in the first place.

    whenever i put the disc in it gets to the 2007-2008 rockstar... screen and then the disc stops spinning.

    when i had it before it crashed in-game, but now its not even starting up.

    does anyone know how to get past this bloody problem?

    i refuse to get a ps3, i cant copy the disc over to the HDD, i've cleared the cache, i've had the RROD and had it fixed, my warranty is expired etc etc.

    failing this, anyone know where to get an xbox revamped in or around belfast?
  2. avatar RedLikeCrimson
    why cant you load it to HDD?

    I had this problem with FIFA 09, but I loaded it onto the hard drive and that fixed it..
  3. avatar himynameissween
    it gets to 49% and tells me the disc is scratched. it is a little, but i've got it working to a point...

    UPDATE: right, got it kinda working, had to erase my previous save game yadda yadda but now its just stopping saying "disc is unreadable".

  4. avatar Rock Danger
    Can you not put your HDD on a friends xbox and rip it, then hopefully it'll load the game ID when it's put back on yours?

    I don't think it cares what machine it's been copied from as long as you have the original game in the drive to ID it and hopefully that part of your disc isn't damaged.

    Or rent a decent one from xtra vision and swap the disc all sneaky like, come back in half an hour saying it won't work and get store credit, thus deflecting blame and a free movie rent etc.
  5. avatar himynameissween
    i'm just gonna go back to Game and pay the difference for a new one. should ony be a fiver hopefully. that means i can transfer it to the HDD and bypass the freezing problem.

    i fucking hope.

    still tho, for when i come into a bit of cash, does anyone know of an xbox upgrade in this town?
  6. avatar Rock Danger
    What kind of upgrade??
  7. avatar himynameissween
    [quote:36fe568821="Rock Danger"]What kind of upgrade??[/quote:36fe568821]well seeing as my warranty has expired anyway, id like to get a better processor, fans, disc drive etc.

    also a friend's xbox has recently started to go belly up despite having just had a RROD fix.

    is this even possible with a 360?
  8. avatar Rock Danger
    No, well not cost effectively. The RROD warranty covers you up to 3 yrs isn't it? And that now includes the E74 error (hardware fault)

    Microsatan have changed their chipset twice now since the original to the Falcon and now the Jasper to solve these heating issues (allegedly) There was also something with one type of drive killing discs if the xbox was standing vertically.

    Sticking a fan on it won't do much, there's nothing to upgrade (except the HDD) And if you swap the drive in it, you're going to have to rewrite the firmware making it a modded box, which isn't a problem really but pointless unless you're downloading lots of games.

    PS: Regarding yer friend. I'm not totally sure but I think that M$ just do the clamp fix which is temporary, they should have replaced his mobo and drive tho.
  9. avatar himynameissween
    right, got a brand spankin new copy and installed it and all. seems to be working all good so far...touch wood.
  10. avatar RedLikeCrimson
    if ya want your xbox refurbished... stick a DVD in yer xbox... start watching... put it beside a fan heater and throw a towel over it to cover the fan vents.

    I give it 20mins til you see 3 red lights.