1. avatar ryankozzi
    Has anyone heard this guys new song yet? 'You're Beautiful.'
    Its one truly amazing piece of song writing. I played it at a solo acoustic gig i had on Sunday and the place went loopy. Class song, ill be including it on my acoustic demo currently underway.
    I bought the whole album today and its all truly great. Its a bit like Damien Rices album but a bit more upbeat and his voice is alot more talented in my opinion.
    Advise anyone who appreciates good acoustic based tunes to catch it.

  2. avatar DarkOver Adam
    good man yourself

    I've been wondering whether I should pick up a copy of this for a while now...i reckon ill take your word for it and do just that!
  3. avatar Daithi jasper
    Not fussed on what I've heard to be honest, I don't get the Damien Rice comparison. You might like a fella I saw in Chicago last year though if you like Blunt, Gavin De Graw, strikes me as in a similar vein.
  4. avatar Greensleeves
    The songs just remind me of maroon 5, Or whatever they're called.

    Not enough organ solos for my liking.

    :lol: God, what a Shit emoticon.
  5. avatar doomsmoker
    that frickin 'beautful' tune has to be prize contender for the most god awful annoying pathetic whingin tune so far this year! I'd rather listen to the fookin 'crazy' annoying frog than this rubbish! As soon as I hear that crettins voice its like long nails scraping along a blackboard!!
  6. avatar Captain Yesterday
    Well said doomsmoker. I can't stand his voice either.
  7. avatar xfirefishx
    I thought it was okay.
    A little dull maybe.
  8. avatar PaulMAK
    I loved the other one about the wise men or something, but this beautiful one i'm not so keen on. He has a good voice.

    id probably not be too interested in the album if it all sounded like this though...