1. avatar Davy Cho
    We like this one m/

    .....First up comes the meaty rock of Skypilot, the riff warriors from Doagh that include former members of the mighty Lowend among their ranks.

    A couple of years ago, the band’s Severeland EP impressed listeners with its confident fusion of stoner rock and Dischord-style post-punk rock.

    Their new self-titled EP is actually more of a mini album, with a hefty half-hour’s worth of listening spread across its six tracks. The band weren’t afraid of long tunes before, and they still aren’t backing down now.

    Opener John 4 clocks in at just under six minutes, building up from a measured groove to gradually become a wailing wall of angsty vocals, high riffing and crashing percussion.

    Whatever He Hits He Destroys starts off with some alternately chugging/ringing guitar before the chorus smashes in in full force. Reminiscent of Quicksand circa Slip, it has a gritty guitar tone that will take your face off.

    Hubble offers yet more rock, five minutes of mesmerising grind offset by some simple appregiated bits and lead breaks. The mammoth chorus riff may be one of the band’s most simple but brutally-effective moments to date.

    Turbo highlights the band’s heavy-as-hell rhythm section, kicking off with a simple muted guitar picking away over some caveman thumping before the chords begin to ring out and the distortion pedals are activated, sending the chorus in like a rocket up the bum.

    The wonderfully-named Battlecat continues the established quiet/loud dynamic with another great bulldozing chorus riff, while instrumental finale The Beautiful Cheese opens the sound out a bit, letting the busy, Ride-style bass pick out the melody before the guitar follows its lead.

    Should you wish to experience Skypilot first hand, be advised that they’ll be rocking for your pleasure at Katy Daly’s on the afternoon of Saturday May 21, along with the almighty Bad Boat and Triggerman. It’s £3 in, doors are at 3pm, and if you know where to get more rock for your dollar than that line-up, I want to hear about it......

    So there y'all go

    Yee ha m/
  2. avatar Rory McConnell
    My copy in the post?
  3. avatar Davy Cho
    Depends... if by "in the Post" do you mean lying on my Bedroom floor?

    BBC still your abode?
  4. avatar Rory McConnell
    yes. yes it is. cheers big balls. make sure you dont "accidently" get it caught up with a pair of your greasy kaks from off that floor...
  5. avatar Davy Cho
    To be fair lad, they're more sort of crusty