1. avatar deadonmusic
  2. avatar deadonmusic
    Queer Giraffes now added to the lineup.

    They've just come out of the studio and have some brand new material for your listening pleasure. They'll be going on first so get down early!
  3. avatar deadonmusic
    Some stage times for tonight before someone asks for them...

    Doors open at 9.00

    9.30 Queer Giraffes
    10.15 Katie & The Carinival
    11.15 Ten Gallon Hate & The Big Salute

    This is all just guesswork as usual but should be roughly right!
  4. avatar TuppenyNudger
    Fantastic gig, Queer Giraffes new songs were great, Katies voice was superb and Ten Gallon Hat nearly took the roof off! Well done to all the bands, great sound from Mac and deadonmusic for another great night in McHughs.

    Bring on the Dylan night next Friday!