1. avatar WPE
    My first post!
    After nearly two years off we've back (kind of....). Starting with mixing and mastering some of our old tracks properly (now we know how!!). First up I Am Knopfler and Ages, both up on our Myspace now!!

  2. avatar goodonpaper
    Can't wait to hear it - its been too long!
  3. avatar WPE
    Really excited at getting back into it! Some new stuff on the horizon as well and who knows we may even play a gig this year!!
  4. avatar fastfude
    I Am Knopfler is amazing, I went through a phase of making compilation CDs for people, mostly just to end each one with IAK.

    (though I do now forever associate it with the hidden track on the Belfast 2005 CD - maybe you could get John Motson to do guest vocals on a future recording)
  5. avatar WPE
    Nice one, well hopefully the new mix of it lives up to expectations!
  6. avatar jenniemcc
    Yay! Please do a live show soon, would be great.
  7. avatar mrginger
    was just lying thinking about WPE the other day - such a great band, glad to see you back.

    The new mix is super - loving it.

    Live shows soon I hope.
  8. avatar WPE
    cheers people, nice to hear were welcome!
  9. avatar tenrabbits
    I think "ages" is my favourite track from a local band in a loooong time. Good work fellas.
  10. avatar WPE
    new mix of old track "Pilots" up on the Myspace now!!


    We're hoping to do quite a few of these old tracks up and package them with a couple of Marty's visual pieces for download soon, I'll keep u posted.

    Also were are now working on new material and will be playing a gig mid-July, will keep u posted on details!