1. avatar ScruffyGoldfish
  2. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    Steven has promised not to make a scene this time around. Will he wear his white suit though?
  3. avatar 10rapid
    um, what day is this on?
  4. avatar boourns
    20th I think
  5. avatar ScruffyGoldfish
    Christ I'm an idiot lol.

    Yea it's on the 20th of April. That is a Monday!

  6. avatar ScruffyGoldfish
  7. avatar mrginger
    flipping right - cant wait for this!
  8. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    Yep, this'll be dead good...plus if anyone cares you'll be able to hear a sample of Adrienne from Earth's ground tom on the new Yakuza album...not that you'd notice in any way but true story!
  9. avatar ScruffyGoldfish
  10. avatar november kyle
    JG Bumpard
  11. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Shit, I'd nearly forgotten about this...
  12. avatar Rory McConnell
    this will be so good oh yes it will
  13. avatar boourns
    Can't wait for this tonight! :D
  14. avatar strangevictorypresents
    just been told earth are bringing a support with them (stebmo) so running times roughly :

    doors 8.30pm
    kasper rosa 9pm
    stebmo 9.45pm
    earth 10.30pm

    or thereabouts!
  15. avatar boourns
    [size=24:4a1169de84]fucking incredible[/size:4a1169de84]
  16. avatar welshchris
    Enjoyed kasper rosa and what I caught of earth shame about stebmo playing, WTF was that crap all about. It just wasted a good 3/4 of an hour on a weeknight.
    Meaning Earth on later, I got tired and went home to bed after a few earth songs.. Grrrrrrrrrrr dam you stebmo and your wacky shite poor jazz toss..
  17. avatar boourns
    The more I think about this gig, the better it becomes, just absolutely phenomenal music last night. Stebmo were brilliant and really unexpected, I thought I could have listened to those guys on their own all night and then Earth started, wow. Totally hypnotic, utterly wonderful and that last track... I don't think I've enjoyed live music any more than I enjoyed that.

    Big thanks to the promoters, get them back again asap!
  18. avatar Strong Reaction
    First time seeing Earth, I left slightly under-whelmed, though the 2nd song and last song were great.
  19. avatar my-angel-rocks
    I thought it was a good night..kasper rosa weren't bad, but a bit too predictable. Post Rock by numbers, and they need to find the off switch for the delay pedals. Stebmo was really enjoyable and they were having a lot of fun. Earth were mesmerising as usual, though not as overpowering as the last couple of times. Still was a good night. Nice to hear the newer Earth stuff is getting heavier again.
  20. avatar ScruffyGoldfish
    Definitely have to apologise for the delay pedal mishap on my part lol. Completely banjaxed wee bugger. (though i think it was the tuner that started the whole thing off)

    Honestly, we all had a pretty weird night, all in all. It was only our fourth show, and we'd really been looking forward to it a bit. I'd hate to say it was nerves that got to us, but it very well could have been! lol.

    But! I guess you can't have good shows all the time haha - it was a welcomed kick up the arse for us in terms of perfection.

    Cheers for firing down guys, hopefully see you at some of our gigs in the future

    KR :D
  21. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    Yep, thought Earth were mesmerising...could've fallen asleep, in a good way...and while I'm not one to bitch about sound usually there was def a few times when the AAs PA couldn't handle it and let out a few unpleasant blarps...

    I really enjoyed Stebmo too...

    Good night all round...
  22. avatar Telefan1
    Can I just make the suggestion that the AA staff clear the front of the stage of tables for their next show, unless its a cabaret or something?

    Granted I was one of those seated, but I think the atmosphere would have been better if we were all congregated around the front of Earth swaying, instead of having the back of the room bunged and the front of the room pretty empty.

    Had to laugh at the guys who left during Earth's second song saying something like "its the same old shit!" too