1. avatar SangByFire[Mick]
    This is a bit of a long shot, this being primarily a Belfast site and whatnot, but does anyone know of any practice rooms in Derry? We were using old office space and we've just been evicted so were looking for somewhere else to make noise. The Nerve Centre doesn't really cut it so I was just wondering if there was anywhere else.

    Answers on a postcard... or post.


  2. avatar iamchrisyouarenot
    hey mick im afraid theres few and far between in derry man but we used to practice a good bit upstairs in mason's usually after 6 o'clock go in and ask for billy he's sound as a pound but it's been a while since the last time we used there cause we got our own spot but its worth a shot.chris IE
  3. avatar SangByFire[Mick]
    Cheers man. I may have to give it a go.