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    [b:18973f80f2]dB6 is two weeks of events celebrating 6 years of the digital arts studios in belfast (20th April - 3rd May)[/b:18973f80f2]

    Workshops and events focus on sound the first week, and video the second week with artists coming from as far as Berlin and L.A.
    The Workshops, events and talk will take place at the Digital Arts Studios, and there will also be evening events at Catalyst Arts and Brown & Bri.

    [b:18973f80f2]One of the workshops is 'Creative Filmmaking'[/b:18973f80f2]

    28-30th April

    This 3 day workshop will appeal to beginner or experienced filmmakers who are interested in music video creation.
    During the workshop we will look at contemporary and experimental approaches to music videos, low budget filmmaking options as well as filmmaking and editing skills.
    Participants will spend the 3 days writing, producing, filming and editing a music video within a collaborative group process using digital video cameras, stills cameras and digital editing equipment.
    No experience is nessacary, training will be provided on all equipment.

    the digital arts studios are currently accepting music tracks from all varied styles of music in belfast to which the participants will select one from and create a music video to. The final videos will be screened at an opening on Friday 1st May at Brown & Bri alongside work from the digital arts studios archive.

    if you are interested in submitting a track or have any more questions, please email:
    events@digitalartsstudios.com with an mp3. we will need a high quality .aiff or .wav for the workshop.

    musicians will retain all rights over their music and the videos created will be kept for the digital arts studios archive.

    funded by arts council of northern ireland lottery programme.