1. avatar Baronation
    A few weeks ago my girlfriend warned me that I would be forced to go to a show by a band called The Brent Flood in The Black Box, I had a wee look at the band on you tube and immediatly wished that I hadn't. I thought I was going to be set up for a night of catpiss weak indie in an empty room. Needless to say I was not looking forward to it. Especially since I had just lost my new NOFX DVD in a drunken taxi ride the night before.

    Anyway, this gig was last night, and although I did not see the gig advertised anywhere, mentioned on here or had previously heard of the band The Black Box was still packed and The Brent Flood where, I thought, really really frickin' good. I was very surprised since they where tight, sounding good, rocking out, kicking ass, got people dancing, played a bit of a Gary Glitter song, and didn't just stand on stage looking at their shoes while singing songs about not getting girls. Did anybody else go to this and of so, do they have an opinion on last nights gig?

  2. avatar robot_rock
    I got a message from these guys a few weeks ago wanting us to support them at it. We couldn't do it but they have some really nice songs!
  3. avatar boourns
    I was dragged along to this too, I thought it was catpiss music
  4. avatar T Entertainment
    "since I had just lost my new NOFX DVD in a drunken taxi ride the night before."

    That must be[i:96e06f272d] devestating[/i:96e06f272d].
  5. avatar Nathaniel
    hahaha i was also dragged along to it, was not looking forward to it, but seriosuly enjoyed the set.. but i didnt tell her that lol
  6. avatar goatboy
    Petrie played with them in 2000 and I thought nothing more of them.

    Then not so long ago, I heard Skinny Machines on the STA podcast and was totally blown away. Just amazing pop. I actually really want to see them.