1. avatar AdamV
    My first post!
    Im a bassist from near Strabane and Derry looking for a band, can also play a bit of rhythm guitar. Looking to start metal/post hardcore band, but get in touch if youre another style and I might be interested. Influnces include:

    Bullet for my valentine
    Funeral for a friend
    Killswitch Engage
    Children of bodom and more

    email at adam.vaughan@hotmail.co.uk
  2. avatar vinnieh
    Hey man, 21 year old metal guitarist here. I've got a band forming at the mo. I've got me (on guitar) from coleraine, a drummer from belfast, a singer from coleraine, and we're on the look out for a bassist and 2nd guitarist.
    Would you be up for tryin out bass for us? would you be able to travel to belfast for an all day jam every once in a while and possibly coleraine too?
    you can add me on vinnie_harte@hotmail.co.uk if you wanna give it a shot.