1. avatar PapaHett
    Well... Just curious what sort of amps people have in the north, wether there's anything interesting out there.

  2. avatar greensleevesisgod
    I own this...

    Can be a pain in the ass when I could be bothered to bring it to gigs. Stairs are to blame.

    Guitars and bass sound quite nice through it but nothing beats the Hammond.

    It's a Yamaha RA-100. Someone was selling it on here ages ago. I got a bargain.
  3. avatar Sticksman
    Thats not an amp its a monolith..!!...looks tasty :wink:
  4. avatar Reckoner
    I have a Line 6 Spider, I think it's 200 Watts, bought off a friend. I've not seen it in a while. It's either in my friend's garage where my band used to practice or it's in the back room of a pub where another band borrowed it for a gig, I dunno if they left it back or not. I really should find out about that.
  5. avatar exportsimsie
    Peavey Windsor. Bought it as an x-display model so natually it blew up after about 2 weeks. Been great since it's been fixed tho.

    Now tho I am hoping to get my hands on a Line 6 SpiderValve or Bugera 333 in the next few months...

    ... either that or take up the bass again. I am an indecisive little wanker. Deal with it.
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  6. avatar maddenrockband
    Marshall half stack avt50 in alpine white!!
  7. avatar The Stav
  8. avatar Bileofwood
    I used to have a Marshall AVT275 2x12 which was lovely. But now I have a Behringer B215A (plan on getting another sometime soon for stereo effects)


    Which I route through my Digitech GNX4.


    I think if I was ever to go back to actual guitar amps I would have to go the whole hog and get a big valve head and cab combo, probably a JCM or something. But then again, I doubt I ever will. My GNX is fantastic and i expect that things will simply get better in the modelling dept.

    I also love the Line 6 amps but in my view they are modelling amps (as was the AVT275 for that matter....) - so I may as well stick to my GNX4 and if I do go back to guitar amps I'll do it the "pure" way.
  9. avatar adamb1026
    For Gigging:




    Practising I have a Ashdown Electric Blue 130 Watt. Great amp, still use it for recording and a competitor with the Ampeg.

    Only Boss Bass Chorus CEB - 3, Boss EQ and Tuner.
  10. avatar chrisjedijane
    I use three, mainly.

    My main Heliopause amp is a 1974 Fender Champ. 6W, all-valve, single channel with just volume, treble and bass controls. It sounds great.

    I have a 18W marshall-type head what was built from a kit, and it's great for drive at low volumes. Two 12ax7's and two EL84's. I use it with a nice 2x12 cab.

    My "Jack-of-all-trades" amp is a Fender Blues Deluxe. It sounds nice, and is good for when you need a big clean sound.
  11. avatar SimonC
    Just traded my Fender FM210R for a Trace Elliot TA50R
    Having a lovely Fender Japan 62 Re-issue that never gets played and a few acoustics that I now never set down meant that something had to give. Have to say I'm well impressed with the Trace ...sound is awesome!
  12. avatar thecomeons_2
    1970s sound city 50 plus or a peavey royal 8, through my homemade 2x12.
  13. avatar exitonline
    I have two amps....

    My main amp is a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. Its one of the three Channel versions from around 2007. It really does everything from warm cleans to full blown high gain and everything inbetween, Mind blowing sound and incredible volume, it really is a beast of an amp. It also has a inbuilt solo function that allows you to boost the volume seperate from the main volume, perfect for solos etc. I use it with either a 4x12 or 2x12.

    In the studio I also use an original Roland JC-120. Its built like a tank and still has all the original parts, not bad for a amp thats over 20 years old. Great for that chorused clean sound made famous by The Police.

    I have also played through some amazing amps by Solando and BadCat while doing session work. I would love to get a one of the BadCat "Black Cat" amps to put alongside the Mesa Boogie in my rig.
  14. avatar scumbag
    for cleans to blow your mind, try a badcat classic , simple beyond belief and tones to kill for.

  15. avatar danbastard
    Bugera 6260 head through a Peavey VK100 4x12.
  16. avatar Cugel
    Orange Tiny Terror through two PPC112 1x12 cabs, Vintage 30 loaded.
  17. avatar Antisocialiser
    Orange Tiny Terror through a PPC112 1x12 cab! Schweeet!
  18. avatar gared
    My first post!
    I've got a Cornford Carrera and a Roland Cube 30. :D
  19. avatar rahamilton
  20. avatar remedy malahide
    [quote:1233f5614c]1970s sound city 50 plus...[/quote:1233f5614c]
    I would have loved one of these, but none available when I was buying so went for the Sound City 50w head from the new range. I don't know how it compares to the originals (having never played through one) but I love it. Easy to dial in a nice smooth overdrive and I get my fuzz from a bass heavy Metal Zone-2. Also have an AVT 50h which is surprisingly ok for a half and half.
  21. avatar thunderchild
    Marshall Jubilee series 2553 25/50W head with 2x12 angle cab. I've owned it from new in 1987. I use it with a tc electronic G-Major through the fx loop and a Dunlop Wylde Wah up front. This is my rig for classic rock with Thunderchild.
    My other amp is a Marshall AVT150 with a Vox Tonelab LE straight into the fx return. I use this rig with my other band The Deisel Drinkers.
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  22. avatar thecomeons_2
    [quote:28aa63baa3="remedy malahide"][quote:28aa63baa3]1970s sound city 50 plus...[/quote:28aa63baa3]
    I would have loved one of these, but none available when I was buying so went for the Sound City 50w head from the new range. [/quote:28aa63baa3]
    the cork-sniffers will tell you that the new stuff is just chinese-made crap that's been badged with a reputable name from years-gone-by, but i haven't tried anything from the new range, so i can't honestly say how they compare. i remember reading that somebody siad that despite the use of output tubes normally used in fender and fender-style amps, the new sound citys still sound "british".

    what i like about old amps is that the ones with no pcb circuitry are easier to repair and service. i had a valvestate flake out on me that needed the pcb replaced - as the pcb had all the components attached and would have cost a small furtune (provided thay were still available at the time, as the valvestate mkii may have been released around that time), i basically eneded up with a marshall 1x12.

    kudos on the metal zone by the way. that thing goes from overdrive to distortion to fuzz and everything in between if you know how to dial the sounds in.
  23. avatar gared

    kudos on the metal zone by the way. that thing goes from overdrive to distortion to fuzz and everything in between if you know how to dial the sounds in.[/quote:e2ff605689]

    Yeah the Metal Zone is a decent enough pedal!!
  24. avatar remedy malahide
  25. avatar thecomeons_2
    that's the thing about valve amps. and the way the heat of the signal going into the amp reacts with the pre-amp stage. although you can only push it so far - if the pre-amp is driven to the max (ie the channel volume up full and an overdrive/distortion pedal on) you may not get any extra "volume" for a slo by kicking on another pedal.
  26. avatar fastfooderbelfast
    1989 FENDER STAGE 185 - one of Fenders most versitile solid state amps...(in my opinion...it has it all) It's also quite a rare one. especially with the red knobs.

    <a href="http://www.freecodesource.com"><img src="http://www.localnumber69.com/gear/Fender%20Stage%20185.jpg" height="" width="" alt="img" border="0"/></a>
  27. avatar DavidHill
  28. avatar Harsh1
    1979 Carlbro 100 Watt Bass Amp Head with 2 1000 Watt High End PA Speakers ... damn thing sounds like alien bomb going off ... think Star Wars when Obi is chasing Jango Fet thru asteroid belt and he lets off nast mines hehe
  29. avatar PapaHett
    Might as well add mine in too:

    I'm a bit of a gear whore.. :lol:


    Added a Blackstar HT-5!

    JVM running into an Orange 2x12, Blackstar into a Marshall 1960AV. Waiting on a Planet Waves Wiring Kit to get here so I can rewire it, and have the Blackstar connected to the G-Major too.