1. avatar hybrid_of_steel
    Hello there...drummer and bassist need for a prog metal band that im starting. I have a guitarist, and I (also a guitarist), have been writing some stuff, and its very proggy stuff. influences are faith no more, opeth, meshuggah, pink floyd. were both aged 22 and 20 respectively. so anyone around that age group would be most ideal.

    if you seem interested give me PM! we shud have a rough demo up soon enough!! cheers

  2. avatar hybrid_of_steel
  3. avatar Rockin
    were are you located?
  4. avatar hybrid_of_steel
    crap forgot to mention that lol cheers for reminding me. we're based in belfast. we both a practice space also. with a good set of drums!!
  5. avatar Rockin
    hmmmmmm! what days do you jam and that lol?
  6. avatar hybrid_of_steel
    usually at the weekends. either a saturday or a sunday. soemtimes during the week as well. we have no set specific days during the middle of the week in which we practice, its usually when were both free. And USUALLY that's after 8pm or so.

    theres is a full drum kit in the practice room so you wont need any bits and bobs...you might just need another bass kick. theres two bass drums there, high hats, cymbals n such. But any drummers wanting to jam can bring their own cymbals n snare if you want.