1. avatar PapaHett
    Any good? They seem to have some nice stores, and the internet site has alot of stock. Also from Google map's it looks to be a pretty big site?

    Anyone been? Whats their stock/store/employee's like?

    I mite take a run down today and see about a Blackstar HT5..
  2. avatar belfastcalling
    the store itself isn't very big, and from what there was the last time i was there they mainly stock guitars, possibly also keyboards. I think they also use some of the store for giving lessons, but don't quote me on that. friendly staff, pretty helpful. But i haven't been in a good while. Though i'm sure their staff are still lovely! lol.
  3. avatar The_Martyr
    There's on here that works there, he should show up soon.

    The place is quite small where the stock lies, but they have (or had) a recording studio in the back, pretty decent if I remember right, and there was a keyboard lab for lessons, and possibly also a drum lab, but I'm not sure about that.
  4. avatar dommccann
    i dunno about dawson's, but the emporium has a few of those blackstars in, or at least they did the last time i was in, but they are very popular, might have sold out. and fyi...they are amazing amps. couldnt believe my ears when i played it.
  5. avatar aaronrossi
    I likes dawsons... have bought a load of gear there over the years... good prices and friendly helpful staff.

    Anything they don't have they will order for you which is nice!

    I always relish a little chance to go out there...