1. avatar imakenoiseinthecorner
    This might seem a bit wierd but I'd like one of the first xbox 360s, like from the launch date.

    It has to not have been connected to xbox live at all, like the menus must be the old interface and not the new one.

    I also need to know the kernel number, found by going into system info. Itll show something like this:


    If the number is less than 4548 then give me an email!
    thanks a lot

    I need this for a geeky project :)
  2. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    lol wonder what thats for! :wink:

    good luck in sourcing one!
  3. avatar Gogs
    Oohh, what's it for, what's it for??
  4. avatar imakenoiseinthecorner
    It's for linux =)
    The kernel 4548 (or smaller number) has a problem in it that you can exploit if you use a special disk.
    This means you can run linux natively on your xbox, with no restrictions like on the PS3.
    and @duncan, are you lucky enough to have one of these?
    I'd give you a pretty penny and another 360 for it :)
  5. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    no, although i have seen a few pop up on here for decent enough prices [url]http://www.hotukdeals.com/all/for-sale-trade/discussed[/url] - have an original xbox with a few emulators - amazing for a night in with mates.
  6. avatar imakenoiseinthecorner
    cheers duncan,that site looks pretty cool for deals and stuff
    ive had no luck on gumtree :(
  7. avatar imakenoiseinthecorner
    shameless bump, anyone got one?