1. avatar strangevictorypresents
  2. avatar sassyjam

    peter broderick is wonderful
  3. avatar the*optimist

    peter broderick is wonderful[/quote:6fc98e4864]
  4. avatar Per
    anyone have any idea of stage times for this?
  5. avatar boourns
    Really looking forward to this, hope it's going to be a standing gig.
  6. avatar blacker
    thank feck i came on fastfude today i had no idea this was on! got 'em are i last week & it's pretty good about 7/10, no idea about peter broderick. luckily my mate can lend me money to go.. :)
  7. avatar november kyle
    Tickets available on the door? Stage times?
  8. avatar Per
    oooh i needed that. what a great show. i haven't smiled that much at a gig since Jonathan Richman last year. i missed all his previous gigs here but i'm reliably informed that was one of his best.
  9. avatar boourns
    How many gigs of the year are there going to be this year?! So incredibly good! After last year's show I didn't know how Jeff was going to compete with Broderick but he was on top form tonight, both acts were amazing. The other band (Don't Walk? Don't Stop?) were good too but couldn't hold a candle to the main acts.
  10. avatar chigurh
    Och, it was alright. Broderick wasn't bad, maybe a bit overly precious and Gruff Rhys does the looping vocal thing much better. I just didn't hear that many tunes.

    Same goes for Lewis, he has two or three songs and the rest is fairly bland, straightforward folk-rock. The Will Oldham 'tribute' was great, though, but, nah, fairly average all in all.
  11. avatar boourns
  12. avatar the*optimist
    Peter Broderick was something different to what I was expecting but he was brilliant. That was the best show I've seen in ages!