1. avatar tinpot anto
    Posted on behalf of various groups wanting to show support for the strikers at Visteon. This is not a fund raiser, it's a show in the canteen at the factory for the workers and their families to break the monotony of their sit for a fair settlement and for Ford to honour their promises and obligations to a loyal workforce.
    As someone who was made redundant this week I want to show my support to these guys. The TPO in it's stripped down form will be playing, anyone else is welcome. Acoustic only given the venue though.


    There are 200 workers at the Visteon (Ford) manufacturing plant in Finaghy in Belfast who have been made redundant without any notice. They were told that they had to leave the plant immediately and that they would have limited redundancy packages.

    They decided to occupy the factory and are now fighting to save the jobs that many of them have had for over twenty years.

    They have been there for ten days and intend to fight to save as many jobs as possible - but at worst they will stay until a much better redundancy package is offered.

    We would like to organise a support gig for the workers up at the factory.

    The proposed date is Saturday April 18th.

    They have a small vocal PA for announcements in the canteen where most of the mass meetings take place so the gig will be "unplugged" ie you can bring small amps - but mostly it would be a quieter performance.

    Anyone who would like to be part of this please contact Gordon on 07596 458 039 or Anto on 07955 262 612.[/quote:1beac5d707]
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    Tomorrow I will bump this thread, this is not a bump, merely the declaration of a bump's possiblity.
  3. avatar nichart
    was up a couple of times this week with these guys interviewing them for a NvTv programme. nice guys who have been done over and treated very poorly.

    hope this helps you a bit -

  4. avatar thesonsofrobertmitchum
    The Sons wholly support the workers and therefore would have no hesitation in showing solidarity with them and their families. Gis a shout.

  5. avatar ThePenguin
    I'm game Anto, if you need someone acoustic by nature.
    Losing your job is one thing, but being done over is another.


    I'll PM you.
  6. avatar daveshorty
    i'd say snitch would do it but we're a punk band. and that just wouldn't work.
  7. avatar TheSt00ns
    Just seen Alun Parry is flying in from Liverpool for this.


    I'll be there!
  8. avatar billyfyffe
    I'd be up for this if you could do with some acoustic action and banter.

    Give me a shout sure on PM.

  9. avatar tinpot anto
    Cheers, just getting a decent picture of how this will work after a wee visit to the site last night.

    The time for the show has been cut down a bit due to various meetings and negotiation visits etc I've had loads of people in contact, and so has Gordon, so I think the plan is to split the artists who have offered to play across the coming weeks.

    I'll be dropping a line to people today to confirm things.

  10. avatar TheSt00ns
    I just heard Jackson Cage played this and I wish I had gone now.

    How was it? Will there be another?