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    Fender were trying to trademark the Telecaster, Stratocaster and a 3rd one that's either a Mustang or a bass body. But they failed...miserably.

    A trademark lawyer explains why: [url]http://www.likelihoodofconfusion.com/?p=2345[/url]

    A nice quote from the Gibson vs PRS case
    [quote:4ccf5dda21]As Gibson concedes that PRS produces high-quality guitars, we do not believe such an occurrence could result in confusion harmful to Gibson. If a budding musician sees an individual he or she admires playing a PRS guitar, but believes it to be a Gibson guitar, the logical result would be that the budding musician would go out and purchase a Gibson guitar. Gibson is helped, rather than harmed, by any such confusion.[/quote:4ccf5dda21]