1. avatar Sadoldgit
    arrived today, with nice bonus CDR.

    Great album lads, and I hope it does really well for you.

    Great value also, CD with bonus for 8 quid plus postage .
  2. avatar goodonpaper
    Topping the best album of the year list for me, and I'm still in the middle of my first listen.
  3. avatar Team Horse
    Hopefully mine will be here today too, though I've had it on constant repeat for a few months now having managed to blag a promo copy from Rory at the Limelight show last year. It really is a great record, capturing the live energy brilliantly and a great production from Rocky.

    Looking forward to the bonus CD, hopefully it'll include some of their early tunes of which there are many that although are unreleased, are really special too.
  4. avatar adamb1026
    Fantastic album, good production work by Rocky. Has a great live feel with the drums especially, but a tight studio sound which works well with their power house music.
  5. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Ah have been listening to the album for many months at number 24 but everytime it still sounds as amazing as the first time.
  6. avatar Nocarsgo
    I've tried to listen to the album in one sitting about 6 times but it's not happening. It's not that it's boring, it's just that by about The Riots are Just The Beginning everything gets a bit overwhelming.

    Having said that, once you take a break and split it up, it's the album of the year. Four or five simply incredible tracks.
  7. avatar Pavel
    I have a newfound interest in 'I Capture Castles'

    ...it chips open your skull slowly but constantly before shitting instrumental goodness all over your exposed brain.
  8. avatar Crackity_jones
    AU review [url=http://iheartau.com/reviews/and-so-i-watch-you-from-afar-and-so-i-watch-you-from-afar/]here[/url].

    Yeah it is a great album, though I agree with Nocarsgo in that it can be a bit full-on to listen to the full 65 minutes in one go.
  9. avatar silvercord
    Only Just realised that this arrived this morning, Its been a car and Laptop listen so far, but will be painting walls in the morning so it'l be on the Proper Speakers in a matter of Hours, Fantastic listen so far. Due to last Saturday they are now officailly my favourite band, Props. Best 8 quid spent in a while ill admit
  10. avatar mrginger
    wanna get a listen to this bonus CD. Wonder would they ever stick it online for anyone who didnt get the advance.
  11. avatar Team Horse
    The bonus CD is mainly live versions of tracks already released and a different version of The Voiceless.

    Why not write a review on the HMV website and spread the word?

  12. avatar fastfude
    Still haven't received my pre-ordered copy yet :/ - have resorted to bootlegging m'colleagues promo.