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    I was trying to hold of my usual, "Hey that's not me!" comment, but since you did it first, here I am.

    Sadly, this is not me, but my electronic counterpart Daedelus.

    He is named after the Greek myth (I'm assuming).

    My old band (and hence myself) are named after 'Steven Dedalus' from "A Portrait as an Artist as a Young Man."

    Anyway, GO TO THIS GIG!

    He'll probably be really good.
  4. avatar Iso9
    Daedelus is the dog's danglies.
  5. avatar Amz
    [quote:d030eb446b="Steven Dedalus"]He'll probably be really good.[/quote:d030eb446b]

    I think your right Mr. Dedalus.

    Remember hearing a Daedelus tune years ago sampling computer games noises and particularly typing sounds. I was addicted to it. Though it was well weird to my ears then...Now it seems perfectly normal...Love it. Does anybody know the name of the track I'm talking about? Only have 'Denies the Days Demise' and 'Of Snowdonia'...not on either of those...
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    this'll be killer
  7. avatar rudimentary
    Can't wait for this little treat! Daedelus will hopefully be doing a short talk/workshop if anyone is interested!

  8. avatar beckett
    some extra info about him on here!


    definitely going to be a pretty special gig this one!

    you can buy tickets for it now online...

  9. avatar rudimentary
    Yeah if anyone is keen you'd be advised to get in and order your tickets nice and early to avoid disappointment.

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    [quote:96859e827b="rudimentary"]order your tickets nice and early to avoid disappointment[/quote:96859e827b]

    you can never avoid disappointment.
  11. avatar rudimentary
    This is true I suppose!
  12. avatar beckett
    quick reminder about the talk/demo...on in half an hour in the digital arts studio on queen st.
  13. avatar sassyjam
    are there still tickets for this? can't buy em off the website