1. avatar ballina
    I'm out of Belfast a year or so but I'd like to keep up with the activities of Cinilingus - from what I remember they were usually involved in interesting odd ball stuff - have they a website or mailing list? Please advise.
  2. avatar ensemblemaniac
    Enlighten me,this a band or an organisation? Sounds like something I might be interested in
  3. avatar dodgi stereo
    cinilingus is a collective that sometimes deals with moving images being shown in odd places - films in libraries/hostels etc. they also get film makers to talk about film. They do visuals for the New Left Bank club (local music link there...).
  4. avatar EPK
    You could try mailing them at
    cinilingus@btopenworld.com Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes at: 9/5/05 11:51 pm
  5. avatar ryankozzi
    are these the punters that put on the shawshank redemption showing it in the old crumlin road jailhouse a while back?