1. avatar belfastcalling
    I know the pubs are shut in Belfast on Friday but is it just pubs? Or restaurants too?
  2. avatar supersonicsolos
    nah fella the bars open at 5
  3. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    Open at 5 close at 11. Half an hour drinking up time all drinks clear by 11.30, so no racking up about 6 pints. Do what I normally do and book a table at a BYOB restaurant. There's one with a particularly liberal attitude where me and my mates get stinkoed most Good Fridays.
  4. avatar belfastcalling
    [quote:5bf116760a="supersonicsolos"]nah fella the bars open at 5[/quote:5bf116760a]

    Fella? I'm a girl... I also don't drink, it's just so me and my mateys have somewere to go after dinner.
  5. avatar I'mDead
    And remember all you fellow catholics, no sly burgers tomorrow!
  6. avatar The Fires of Hell
  7. avatar Orzo
  8. avatar nonlogic liam
    Why don't you just sit in your room and contemplate the torments of Christ. That's what I'm doing... mostly...
  9. avatar I'mDead