1. avatar Dolbro Dan
    Here's the Myspace quote from Norman Lovett who [i:066758a988]used[/i:066758a988] to play Holly...

    [quote:066758a988]So far there have been 3 reasons in the press why there is no Holly in these programmes that are being shown over Easter on the Dave channel. 1 No budget 2 Didn't want the crew dragging a computer around with them on earth 3 A water leak caused a short circuit and caused the computer to break down.

    This gives you an idea of what the people who make Red Dwarf (GrantNaylor) are like and you will be able to read all about them and the cast in my auto biography which I am working on as I speak. I watched Chris, Robert and Danny on BBC Breakfast News this morning. Talk about laughs take a holiday.

    I will be watching the shows but I really don't see how it will be any good because it's not shot in front of a studio audience and they're not trapped on board Red Dwarf which was it's main strength when it was character comedy.

    Everything is done by one man (Naylor) and he can't do everything well. Bring back Grant and get a good director (Bye) and it might have stood a chance. And Holly with some good gags of course.

    Not one of the cast have got in touch with me which just shows how self centred they are. I'm not bitter just unhappy about the way I have been treated by them. By the way GrantNaylor you still owe me money for the Red Dwarf movie rehearsals.

    Happy Easter everyone, Norman[/quote:066758a988]
    For the resurrection my favourite childhood comedy, it doesn't bode well...
  2. avatar Orzo
    The ads look awful and Norman is correct - after Grant/Naylor went their separate ways after Series 6, the show went rapidly downhill and 7 & 8 were awful.

    I honestly can't see why the show was worth resurrecting anyway after an aborted movie to 'finish' the story arc (to Earth).

    Needless to say I'll watch them anyway because I'm a fan of the show and there's only 4 so hopefully it wont be too painful...
  3. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    When I re-watched the later series they weren't as bad as I remembered - the first five or so were just so good they looked tame in comparison. I will of course be watching to make up my own mind - his views sound 50% bitter, 50% probably right.
  4. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:115765d89c]you will be able to read all about them and the cast in my auto biography which I am working on as I speak[/quote:115765d89c]

    While I don't disagree with things that he says about the show, that quote makes the cynic in me think that he's just trying to start controversy to plug his book.
  5. avatar Telebruises
    I dunno about it,
    Theres something about the grainy/cult like style of Red Dwarf that the older series had that made it the show that it was,
    This to me seems like they are digging up a classic to milk it for all its worth.

    Lets face it theres only so far the likes of Robot Wars and Scrapheap Challenge can get you...
  6. avatar Orzo
  7. avatar fletch_belfast
    I don't watch either, but I'm pretty sure its Eastenders Craig Charles is in.
  8. avatar Steven Dedalus
    [quote:a9fef5a343="fletch_belfast"]I don't watch either, but I'm pretty sure its Eastenders Craig Charles is in.[/quote:a9fef5a343]

    No, it's Coronation Street, a fact I am sure of thanks to the newspaper story a few years ago detailing his nightmarish journey from the Manchester studios to London, whilst 'Listered' out of his head.
  9. avatar Gogs
    Yep, definitely Corrie.
  10. avatar Orzo

    [quote:8f01af8d75]He had been secretly filmed by his driver all the way from London to Manchester, smoking rock after rock from a tin can in the back of the car, hunched over porn magazines. [/quote:8f01af8d75]

    That's hilariously wrong...
  11. avatar Iso9
    sounds fun tbf
  12. avatar Orzo
    [quote:323317c6b1="Iso9"]sounds fun tbf[/quote:323317c6b1]

    The new Red Dwarf or smoking crack and looking at porn?
  13. avatar fletch_belfast
    hmm, I stand corrected.

    But isn't there "someone famous that used to be in something else" working in that bar in 'easties'..?
  14. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:1c9dc544ec="fletch_belfast"]But isn't there "someone famous that used to be in something else" working in that bar in 'easties'..?[/quote:1c9dc544ec]

    Is that not everyone?
    Off the top of my head, you've got Samantha Janus or Barbra Windsor to pick from
  15. avatar Orzo

    Amazing people have the time and inclination to compile these things...
  16. avatar Karl Rove

    Amazing people have the time and inclination to compile these things...[/quote:b2108b139d]

    "Key events in the Vic" :lol:
  17. avatar savoy truffle
    The trailer looks really cheap. The fact that it's on Dave says Zero Budget. Like the last couple of series, I can't see it being any good.
  18. avatar savoy truffle
    Apparently last year somebody started a 'Is Red Dwarf the greatest show ever?' thread. There's a simple answer to that which doesn't include the letters Y, E or indeed S.
  19. avatar spirit of division
    I'd have to say that was pretty terrible.
  20. avatar my-angel-rocks
    You mean Chris Barrie was wrong when he said its the best Red Dwarf they've ever done?
  21. avatar Pavel
    I love Red Dwarf, but man was that shit on a lot of levels.

    The greenscreen backgrounds being one of them.
  22. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    It's no Brittas Empire
  23. avatar himynameissween
    CGI skutters? C[b:0bd2f6dee4]S[/b:0bd2f6dee4]I montages? CGI EVERYTHING??

    went downhill from the titles onward.
  24. avatar fletch_belfast
    Yeah it was shit to the max.

    And just not the same without the canned laughter. Not that there was anything to laugh at.
  25. avatar Bileofwood
    Yeah, exactly! At least the laughter let you know when there was a joke - something last night would have benefitted from.

    You just weren't sure when it was trying to be funny.

    And when they showed absolute blinders after it like Gunmen of the Apocalypse it just highlighted how far the show has fallen.

    Rob Grant and Doug Naylor must have REALLY fallen out to allow whichever one did leave to turn his back on the show. As soon as he left we had shit like dancing spaceships. They whole episode with the squid last night was totally lame, it was far too long for something that should never have even been written into the script, let alone make the final cut.

    Whoever wrote this show should have been forced to watch the first six/seven series' over and over again before putting pen to paper.
  26. avatar Pavel
    What it really felt like was a five minute sketch drawn out (desperately) into a thirty minute show.

    ...I mean, it had literally wooshed past me and was over before I even realised it. Half an hour of my life gone in the blink of an eye.
  27. avatar Chi-Lite
    I thought it was alright
  28. avatar chris1984_99_99
    I flicked over and saw this on and cursed at myself for forgetting about it. 5 minutes later i was back on discovery channel. they should have left it as it was. always leave them wanting more... dont go back and flog a dead horse!
  29. avatar spirit of division
    It hasnt got much better with the second episode but I'm guessing I'll keep watching...Norman Lovett's blog is down but he posted this...

    [quote:8d1f706595]I put up info that I didn't mean to because it's for my autobiog which I'm working on at the moment. I can let you know that [b:8d1f706595]I will not be working with RD/GrantNaylor again [/b:8d1f706595]as I have been treated appallingly by them over the years and there comes a time when it has to end.
    Cheers, Norman [/quote:8d1f706595]

    I guessed he would be back if further episodes were optioned...I feel kind of sorry for him.
  30. avatar himynameissween

    The end. Not with bang, but whimper etc.
  31. avatar anty2
    I never thought id say this but the american pilot episode is actually better than this back to earth bollocks, i'll go on record for that quote
  32. avatar Chi-Lite
    I thought it was alright
  33. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Always the contrarian, eh Marty?

    [edit]Having just watched the first episode...it wasn't great, but it wasn't absymal. I was expecting a lot worse to be honest.
  34. avatar Orzo
    I watched all 3 episodes back-to-back on Monday evening (sucker for punishment eh?)
    The plot (if there really was one in there) was superfluous to the concept of the 3 parter and made completely redundant by the ending itself.
    If this was Red Dwarf Grant AND Naylor, all 3 of those episodes would have been scrapped on the basis of total suckage.
    I laughed inside when Lister made Rimmer bang his crotch repeatedly off the corner of the table but not a single sound of laughter was emitted throughout the 3 episodes.
    I think even a bargain bin would find it difficult to hold this forthcoming DVD.
  35. avatar spirit of division
    It should have been one episode at most...the last was by far the best of the three but still not on power with previous greatness.
  36. avatar exportsimsie
    I thought it was alright. Nowhere near as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

    Of course, i'm an asshole.
  37. avatar Chi-Lite
    You're right though, asshole or no It was dead on. This is just your typical comic-book-shop nerdy wankery.

    It was dead on.

    Sure look at the bit where Rimmer's dancing when they're getting beat by a big squid. Or where the cat tells Lister about the squid. Or the bit where Rimmer says "I wasn't even neurotic when I was a kid...I didn't have time, I was too busy washing my hands".

    It was dead on.
  38. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Yeah, it was just stretched out too long and it got too self-referential halfway through the second episode i switched off.