1. avatar jacobass
    Selling my fender showmaster guitar... love this guitar but have too many and sadly have to let this go.

    Open to offers

    Seymore duncan pick ups,it's exact same as this one.




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  2. avatar jacobass
    still for sale if anybodys interested
  3. avatar jacobass
    anybody fancy this before it goes on evil bay?
  4. avatar jacobass
    humptey bumptey
  5. avatar Eds-diner
    u got a ball park figure dude?
  6. avatar marcleachphotography
    thats beautiful! shame i cant buy it :(
  7. avatar jacobass
  8. avatar flightstrip
    Just spoke to jacobass and i cant believe this is still available!
    worth WAY more than hes looking for it,in fact if someone doesnt buy it at 450 i will take it myself
    which would be an awful waste as i play guitar like a 5 year old....
    have played with Stevie for years and this is a fekkin awesome guitar,looks amazing too!


    (u can ring me on 07894 645 881 and i will pass on messages)
    Look at it!!...Fuck sake LOOK AT IT!!!
  9. avatar flightstrip
  10. avatar flightstrip