1. avatar projectbohemia
    Up to three rooms avalible in Belfasts equivalent to the Chelsey Hotel.


    Double Beds

    Soundproff (presumably, we've never had compalints) PRACTICE ROOM with amps, drum kit, cello, assortment of cowbells, vocal mics, moniters, etc.

    You can do what you want to the walls provided you fix it before you leave. Living room gets painted every time we have a party....

    Two bathrooms -electric shower.

    12 months contract from JULY to july.

    Of the lisburn road, very near tesco, queens, lavery's, buses to anywhere, etc.

    Very chilled out, musical housemates (students). One girl and One or Two guys. Not slobs but not anal either. pick it up within 24 hours and were happy. Home is the base for a blues-rock band, a metal promoter and a sound guy (and all this damned gear).

    Were looking to sort out next years flatmates pretty quickly cuz were off to scandinavia come june so, if your interested and not a complete dick do get in touch :)

    email projectbohemia@live.co.uk