1. avatar casioboy
    i need to borrow 3 for a day or two! anyone? please?
  2. avatar xfirefishx
    What do you need it for?

    Only because I'd like to know what it would be used for etc etc cos my Sony camera is a shared camera and I can't just take it! Edited by: xfirefishx at: 7/5/05 5:59 pm
  3. avatar casioboy
    well i have one. and i want to use 4, diff angles etc for a straight take video for dublin based band dry county.
  4. avatar peedy que
    just a thot bro.

    your lookin to have several different shots with multiple camera.

    they dont really need to be sony digicams. it can just be watever similar digicams. just get any type within the same genre.
    they're all kak anyway.
  5. avatar casioboy
    want them all to have the same lens - you are downstairs why am i even typing this!?
  6. avatar Komodo Studios
    Komodo Studios has a Canon XM2, as well as a quality digital camera and a quality SLR.




    02892 688 285
  7. avatar casioboy
    im assuming the zoom is optical on the canon - i have a canon eos 20d so no need for slrs, unless you have a ring flash for that but, i still need sony handicams art college will give me one - i have one so i need 2 now. the video will be cool!! might want to rent / lend the canon vid cam for future projects