1. avatar jenniemcc
    Serious music geeks only

    [size=18:ccd2671e9e]THE REALLY HARD MUSIC QUIZ


    AUNTIE ANNIE'S[/size:ccd2671e9e]

  2. avatar the_doctor199
    I spent ages in Katy Daly's last night trying to work out the advertisement for this, I failed miserably.
  3. avatar jenniemcc
  4. avatar jenniemcc
    tomorrow night my friends.

    last chance to swot up.
  5. avatar Steven Dedalus
    If only this wasn't a Wednesday.

    I'd totally win.

    But I can't go.
  6. avatar Stevie Mac
    Are teams of one allowed? Else I offer my services as a kind-of clued-up music mercenary.
  7. avatar Amz
    [quote:1ec974adf3="Steven Dedalus"]If only this wasn't a Wednesday.

    I'd totally win.

    But I can't go.[/quote:1ec974adf3]

    Aww crap... I just spent a good 5 minutes saying how I'll rope you in cause you know way too much stuff that is humanly not right....I forgot it twas a Wednesday...

  8. avatar jenniemcc
    The maximum team size is 4

    And yes, teams of 1 are allowed, although I know a few peeps who are coming on their own so might be worth grabbing them and forming a team.

    Doors open 9pm, and we'll aim to be kicking things off about 9.30pm
  9. avatar Siouxsie Tremolo
    I'm coming down without a team (since Steven Dedalus has some stupid thing to do on the wireless or whatever) so we should form a team together! Amy I'll give you a shout later on :)
  10. avatar Amz
    After all my talk, I aint gonna make it outta Cregagh tonight...Count me in next time Miss Tremolo!