1. avatar DavidHill
    Im a great believer in Compilations. I love finding awesome bands on those kinda things and loved it when i saw my bands in them. But is it still the thing to do these days?

    Seems to me these days no one does it, except for Punk and Metal bands and when they do come out the Publishers ask for extortionate prices to be on the CD.

    I thought the publisher should pay the owner of the music for the rights
  2. avatar dodgi stereo
    It's the thing to do if you want to.

    NB: It's not just for bands that use guitars etc.

    EG: http://www.archive.org/compress/acp041_acroplane_va_02
  3. avatar fastfude
    The Acroplane comps have introduced me to some fantastic new stuff.

    That said, comp CDs are an often abused form of self-promotion for the compiler, and Belfast & NI have about a million compilation CDs from various orgs and outlets that don't do much for anyone. (edit: the compilations that is, not the orgs & outlets)

    I think compilations as carefully-composed mixtapes, crafted with specific songs, moods, themes and compatibilities in mind, rather than a cynical trawl of whatever artists are currently 'in' would be great.
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  4. avatar flackmeister
    [quote:a3d83940ae="dodgi stereo"]It's the thing to do if you want to.
    NB: It's not just for bands that use guitars etc.
    EG: http://www.archive.org/compress/acp041_acroplane_va_02[/quote:a3d83940ae]

    Dear god, I just clicked that and it is s u c k i n g the sweet life out of my browser...

    What the hell size is it anyway???
  5. avatar DavidHill
    I tend to agree with you there...Especially when it comes to compilation from organisations in Ireland its not always about the Artists! there are sooo many (that im probly not allowed to name) NIMIC, BLAST:BEAT, SONI...the list goes on

    Ive been surfing the web and it seems that in Eastern and Centeral Europe The Humble compilation is a Haven for unsigned bands and still regarded as an achievement for all genres

    Why do we not care for the product anymore?
  6. avatar Siouxsie Tremolo
    The Silent Ballet put out amazing compilations of instrumental music pretty often (stifle that yawn, it's not ALL postrock, there are lots of other genres that don't use vocals much) - they're a great way to find new bands that would otherwise not get much exposure. Yes it's a bit "Fans Only" but they're surprisingly popular.

    But really, in this age of Spotify playlists and last.fm radio, compilations seem to have lost relevance unless they are quite niche.