1. avatar rl-vl
    SDC - UFO released today as a free download from Acroplane.
    It includes remixes by Boxcutter, Monolith and Filaria.



    [b:d21bbaae62]ACP046 Space Dimension Controller - Unidentified Flying Oscillator - 14 tracks

    Outer space.

    A time after the past and before the future, a rogue astro bandit named Jack Tiraquon has uncovered a relic from the long lost vaults of groove, floating freely in space.

    The creator, known as Mr. 8040, is said to have been a high ranking Space Dimension Controller in the quadra-sector of the Tiraquon6 security barrier, but legend tells of Mr. 8040 occasionally losing his mind and breaking out in a frenzy of galactic funk. These frenzies were recorded and are now presented to you as the UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OSCILLATOR.

    Free of charge.[/b:d21bbaae62]
  2. avatar Iso9
  3. avatar the dirty weed
    great album.
    congrats to jack and acroplane.
  4. avatar Stevie Mac
    Did you see it? What did it look like? Was it sine-y or more saw-ish?
  5. avatar boourns
    Was floored by this when I had a listen earlier, great stuff!
  6. avatar mrginger
    killer jack - loving this.
  7. avatar Iso9