1. avatar gu1tarist
    My first post!

    Im a guitar player, based in belfast. Been playing for about 12 years. Im 21, drive and have my own gear. Willing to travel. If anyone needs a guitarist gimme a shout and I can give you more info if u need it.

    Main influences: Foo Fighters, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Dave Matthews Band, Deftones, Incubus, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson.

    e-mail me on c.sloan10@gmail.com or else PM me here.

  2. avatar theouroboros
  3. avatar PastyBap
    Emailed :D
  4. avatar doggod202003
    Can you play bass?

    Call me

    John 07771822539
  5. avatar SafeHands83
    pm'd u dude
  6. avatar shiniru
    im lookin to form a band, im 15, and i play guitar, i am lookin 2nd guitarist, to swap between rythm and lead
  7. avatar Brendzo
    alight bud hows the form, my bands looking a guitarist we have all our own amps, pa system and what not we play all our own material our style is that of beatles,doors,smiths,stone roses all our songs are different from melodic to the heavier. we also have a practice space in a bar on the antrim road north belfast.. as i said we have a shit load of material and its only a matter of getting the set list sorted to start gigging again also we are all early 20s lol if you want i can send you some of our mp3s so you can have a listen.