1. avatar Deestroyer
    What do we think are the top five festivals in the UK & Ireland? I know Oxegen, Electric Picnic, Glastonbury etc get the most attendance (well, I assume), but what are your five best? Be they boutique, dance, trance, jazz, blue grass, metal, thrash pan-pipes, - whatever.
  2. avatar fastfude
    You are too late, we have already patented all the top 5s ever: http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=15155
  3. avatar fopp
    Admit it. The fastfude database runs on your brain.
  4. avatar Deestroyer
    Alright, top 3 then. Can we do top 3 festivals?

    (An over looked top 5...)
    1. Bikers
    2. Ham
    3. Meenies
    4. Boiled egg
    5. Just butter.

    Top five things to put in a bap.
  5. avatar The_Martyr
    What on earth are Meenies?

    and I vote Veggie Burger for #1
  6. avatar blonderedhead
    Do ye mean Meanies as in these..

    Roysters ftw!
  7. avatar Deestroyer
    Yeah, Me[b:0d55a5811c]a[/b:0d55a5811c]nies, isn't it? Jumpers for goal posts, makes you think, boul, lalty, strawman arguements, etc etc etc... festivals?
  8. avatar Deestroyer
    Just to clarify by the way. This wasn't intended to be a 'list-off'. I'm actually genuinely curious as to what festivals people go to. Any undiscovered brilliant festivals that have kept an underground profile, or underrated ones. Like the forfey festival, is it any good? What about the Isle of man one, or there's a few mighty european festivals I keep hearing bits and pieces about.
  9. avatar thecunnyfunt
    'mon the Mighty Munch.


    and also

    Drumacanoo Punx Picnic
    Day of Darkness
    Fleadh Nua, Ennis
  10. avatar The_Martyr
    I went to one day of Forfey two summers ago, and it was pretty good. It was the first time I saw Clone Quartet, and I remember enjoying that. There was some good chattage if I remember correctly, although it began a little awkwardly I think.

    Does it still happen?
  11. avatar Deestroyer
  12. avatar whipchorus
    I quite like the Top 5/10 lists, especially if they're ridiculous, can lead to some cheap arguments with someone usually taking it too seriously. Better that than someone talking about how good some local band were the other night, and about 50 people following up by saying exactly the same thing. :shock:
  13. avatar manversusjim
    How has the sausage roll bap been neglected here? The finest melding of baked goods in history in my view. Apart from that, Bang Face Weekender's a cracker- John Frusciante's playing with Venetian Snares this time. The only probem is it's at the end of the month. EP's always in with a shout. Iceland Airwaves sounded good last year too, and since their banks shat themselves it should be cheap enough this year.
  14. avatar tinpot anto
    That band the other night were shit and are entirely overrated.
  15. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Right sun?

    I'd like to go to that festival at the end of The Wickerman were they burn Edward Woodward alive. Maybe it's more of a carnival, I'm not sure, well anyway it's free in so that's good.

    Thank you
  16. avatar Chi-Lite
    [quote:4a1137237c="blonderedhead"]Roysters ftw![/quote:4a1137237c]

    You're spot on
  17. avatar Deestroyer
    Hang on... Roysters, in a bap? Well excuse me your majesty, I don't know how things were done in Eton, but in my day it was bikers, meanies, or you were a fruit. Not my words...
    Anyway, has anyone heard anything on Stendthal (or however it's spelled). Is it back on this year?
  18. avatar Chi-Lite
    But sure even now you're ignoring the classic KP Wuster Sauce (Cause that's actually how they spelt it). That was the original. You were only on the bikers and or meanies if you had no taste buds.

    But then in the late 80's Roysta T-bone steak turned up, and those of us in the know never went back. I still get have it for luch to this day...well, saturday morning. Class hangover grub.
  19. avatar blonderedhead
    Roysters are the most underrated of crisps, I've introduced many a man to them and they too have never looked back... the t-bone flavour..the crispy bubbles... oh man I'm off to get myself a bag!
  20. avatar Deestroyer
    [quote:e38fd3d3eb="blonderedhead"]Roysters are the most underrated of crisps, I've introduced many a man to them and they too have never looked back... the t-bone flavour..the crispy bubbles... oh man I'm off to get myself a bag![/quote:e38fd3d3eb]
    You've introduced a lot of men to T-bones? See, this is exactly what I was talking about... anyway... any other suggestions?
  21. avatar DeliriumTremens
    I've heard great things about life festival, I was hoping to go this year till I relised it's next month, my festival days are numbered.
    Here,you alright son??!!