1. avatar Shanghai 5
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  2. avatar confetti
    is that the poormouth from years ago, or is it a new band same name?
  3. avatar Shanghai 5
    It is a new band with the same name. I don't know the original band, but these guys are Dublin based, they write great tunes and have a great singer. They're definitely worth checking out.
  4. avatar Shanghai 5
    Stage times for Wednesday night:
    Doors at 8.

    9:00 The Poor Mouth.

    9:45 Patiosounds.

    Come down for an early pint and some tunes.
  5. avatar Ben McAuley
    Both of these bands write incredibly good songs. I don't think the poor mouth have played here before. Really looking forward to seeing them.
  6. avatar ThisCharmingMan
    should be a great night cant wait!
  7. avatar ThisCharmingMan
    Unfortunately i only heard one tune of the poor mouth which sounded promising!

    Patiosounds were excellent!