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    [size=18:6cb9a976af][color=red:6cb9a976af]Hey ladies and gentlemen,

    Sang By Fire have just recorded their first EP for your audio pleasure. You can get a little sneaky listen now:[/color:6cb9a976af][/size:6cb9a976af]


    [color=red:6cb9a976af]Hope you enjoy, and for those who wouldn't mind catching a live show then we're playing in Lavery's Bunker 10.04.09.[/color:6cb9a976af]

    Feel free to leave a comment or add us Myspace.

    Peace and f*cking


    Sang By Fire
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    [color=red:32123a6cf6][size=18:32123a6cf6]For a limited time only you can download all three tracks. Stick them on your I-pod and what not![/size:32123a6cf6][/color:32123a6cf6]