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    Can anyone recommend gigs next w-end or anything else of note?

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    Perhaps a bit early, as it's on Easter Thursday (9 April) but if contemporary classical is your thing you could try this:


    [size=18:833ba2c061]STATIONS, COMPOSED BY IAN WILSON[/size:833ba2c061]
    [size=18:833ba2c061]PERFORMED BY MATTHEW SCHELLHORN (PIANO)[/size:833ba2c061]


    Belfast-born Ian Wilson ("an overflowing talent" – Il Manifesto) is one of Ireland’s most successful and prolific composers. This concert features the first complete performance in the UK of his solo piano cycle, Stations – a 65-minute work inspired by the Catholic devotion of the Stations of the Cross. The composer’s goal was to distil the emotional content of the work's very specific inspiration and transpose it onto a dramatic musical framework, which carries the music forward unhindered by dogma or imagery.

    Stations is performed by the work’s dedicatee, British pianist Matthew Schellhorn, who has collaborated with the composer since 2004. Recently selected as a “Talent to Watch” by BBC Music Magazine, and described as "a rising star" (BBC Radio 3) and "one of Britain's most exciting young pianists" (Classic FM), Matthew Schellhorn has a growing international career, which in recent seasons has seen recitals in Europe, Ireland and North America.

    An Overview of Stations from composer Ian Wilson:

    “Stations is a fourteen-movement work for solo piano inspired by the Catholic devotion of the Stations of the Cross, a narrative in fourteen scenes relating to the events leading from Christ's death sentence to his entombment.

    I have previously sought to marry aspects of the Christian faith with universal human experience in works such as The Seven Last Words (for piano trio), Winter’s Edge (for string quartet) and Rich Harbour (a concerto for organ and orchestra); my goal in these works was to distil the emotional content of the ideas behind them and transpose them onto dramatic musical frameworks that carry the music forward unhindered by dogma or imagery.

    The devotional sequence of the Stations of the Cross is the structural and emotional basis of Stations. I also wanted to expand the potential "meaning" of the work so that intimations of programme music or purely impressionistic or pictorial responses would not arise, but instead a strong, unified journey-type piece would result that creates its own sense of musical drama as it proceeds. The work's 14 parts are arranged into four Books containing 3, 4, 4 and 3 movements respectively and the whole lasts approximately 65 minutes.”

    Stations is dedicated to Matthew Schellhorn, for whom it was written.

    Ian Wilson, November 2008
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    Damn you Currie! :lol:

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    Not sure where our poster is but if you fancy checking out some brand new bands, we have Seven Summits, The Cahier Collection and The Bl1ndies at Auntie Annie's on Easter Tuesday :)