1. avatar diabolikal616
    Hey everyone! I'm looking for a photographer to help out with the new site I'm working on, GiggingNI.com.

    I've managed to get a press pass for Go:Audio when they visit Belfast on 12th April at the Limelight, and I'm looking for a photographer to join the team and take some photos for us! By doing this for us, this will open up further opportunities.

    Please note: all work done by photographer must be voluntary and rights must be given for the use of the photos, taken at the gig, to be used and presented on the website.
  2. avatar clivemcl
    PM'd ya dude
  3. avatar diabolikal616
    Thanks for getting in touch - we're always in need of photographers so if you're interested, but can't make the gig, get in touch anyway!
  4. avatar marcleachphotography
    Im always here if ya need me :D