1. avatar 9LiesSteve

    9Lies label Evil Twin Records are presently working with a TV production company in England and are on the look out for a band to feature within the program.

    At this stage we are not interested in your music although if shortlisted this will be of great importance, but more in the characters within the band. Selection will of course include remuneration.

    What we require is 3 to 5 minutes of video footage of the band messing around, chatting and just being themselves.

    Please send footage using YOUsendit (www.yousendit.com) to EvilTwinRecords@Europe.com
    please do not send the file directly to that address.


  2. avatar 9LiesSteve
    Been PM'd a load of times about the deadline for this DOH!
    Its Friday 24th April. Cheers!
  3. avatar NaomiS
    So if you don't send the file directly to that address where exactly do you send the file to? Oh and I've signed up to yousendit.com... now what do i do!

    what about sending a utube link to that address instead? neh...

    nems wee bit confused...
  4. avatar Nocarsgo
    Not 100% sure but what I think he means is that if you record footage, send it via YouSendit (namely, upload it to YouSendIt) then send the link to the given email address.