1. avatar ToiletStreet
    For those who don't know....

    System of a Down's 'Mesmerize' has leaked, along with the new limp bizkit. So have a wee search on [url="http://www.torrentspy.com"]Torrent Spy[/url] and get SOAD downloaded, it's awesome.
    Bizkit is shit, his vocals are the worst they've ever been.
  2. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    That BYOB is some fuckin tune.

    Listening to the SOAD album now, sounds a bit like the Dead Kennedys. Edited by: dirty stevie smitty at: 7/5/05 11:24 am
  3. avatar ToiletStreet
    Violent pornography is a quality song.
    Its a refreshin change from the ballix about at the minute
  4. avatar Gerry Bigot
    SOAD hasn't been leaked, it's released.
  5. avatar cyclone 772
    i thought i seen the new limp bizkit album in hmv this week too.......
  6. avatar Markfromgiveway
    errr, yes indeed.
  7. avatar ToiletStreet
    I literally don't know any release dates of bands anymore, barr 1 or 2 bands.
    I was just passing on the info that i read somewhere else (Y).

    And alot of people don't like to pay for albums they're just a little curious over...
  8. avatar lonely cryin only
    has it been released?

    like, here?

    (soad that is...not limp bizkit *shudder*)
  9. avatar kingbowski
    In an ad for their UK tour (SOAD that is) it says the album is out May 18th. I havent checked myself. Oh, and I find it interesting that Limp Bizkit have a new CD out now and i've heard feck all about it. I'm not complaining, but wouldn't ye expect to have heard about it a few million times by now?

  10. avatar lonely cryin only
    aye exactly. partly why i found the "its released" post rather odd..
  11. avatar namelessnow
    I'm pretty sure SOAD isn't released for another week or so, but limp bizkit's might be, and is purposely low-key.
  12. avatar Gerry Bigot
    I take it back, it is the 18th.
    Sorry got my wires crossed.
    I have been reading about it and it's released stateside.
  13. avatar kickintheteeth
    isn't it just great how no one cares about the new limp bizkit album

    hopefully they'll see this as their chance to pack it in !
  14. avatar die the flu
    See, Wes Borland has returned to Limp Bizkit.
    Anyone who's heard any of The Damning Well, Eat The Day or The Perfect Circle remixes might wanna check out the new Limp Bizkit stuff.
    It won't win any new fans but might interest some old ones.
    Album is being released on Geffen.
    Might all be balls, but sure, stranger things have happened.
  15. avatar Rory McConnell
    i heard Die the flu has a big poster of Fred Durst on his bedroom wall, surrounded by love hearts...