1. avatar Telebruises
    Im looking to maybe get together a wee project with anyone around the Coleraine/Ballymoney/anywhere near area
    Been playing bass and guitar for around 4-5 years.

    I've played in a few bands before in varied styles and want to try something a bit catchier with styles from Something Corporate, We the Kings, Boys like girls, Paramore etc.

    Anyone interested just gimme a PM :)
  2. avatar Stevey
    telibruises :O

    telephone bruises :D you guys rocked :)

    im a guitarist from coleraine looking to get a band on the go tho unfortunitly i doubt im up the the standards of telephone bruises, only played guitar at tech

    rawr.stevey@Hotmail.com just incase
  3. avatar stevekee
    hey, do you have anywhere i could hear some of yr stuff?