1. avatar xfirefishx
    Anyone know how I would find out who was taking photos at a gig (specifically Bell x1 at the start of the week) as I really don't know much about music photographers down here. None of you Nordies were down were you?!
  2. avatar the_doctor199
    The ones i know werent at the gig so cant help on that one, im shooting them tonight if its any use?
  3. avatar edwin mcfee

    Ruth Medjber www.ruthlessimagery.com http://ruthlessimagery.wordpress.com/

    Naomi McArdle www.myspace.com/yaythenay

    Loreana Rushe www.myleftventricle.com
  4. avatar ruthmedjber
    My first post!
    wasn't me im afraid! altho i would have loved ta... saw their secret gig and it blew me away!


    thanks tho Edwin x

  5. avatar xfirefishx
    Thanks Edwin.

    Also Ruth, I think you took a picture of me and my friends one night in Twisted Pepper cos our camera wasn't working. It was night of Not Squares gig - we never did email you and ask you to send it along!
  6. avatar xfirefishx
    Oh and Ramsey (if I've got the right person), it might be of use! :) I'll let you know - thanks!