1. avatar don sebestian
    Hey there, Stereo War Favourites are hoping to get as much giggin as possible under their belts from early May onwards in order to attain the sort of tightness only gigging can bring...and would appreciate being considered for support slots etc. should anyone require bands.

    We would also really like to hear your opinions on our new tunes up on myspace


    thanks a mill, dermo
  2. avatar alrightthecaptain
    sound bunch of bastards and rocking tunes in the vain of ATDi........cheers for the loan of the Jag last week btw :-D
  3. avatar don sebestian
    Cheers, No worries horse, put good shit out of it like!
  4. avatar JTM
    Good stuff - we may have a slot free on the 23rd in Annies (as well as others in the future) If you're interested, PM me.
  5. avatar don sebestian
    pm'd ya there sir.
  6. avatar burnthecanvas
    Sounds awesome guys! Plus Emmitt is one sexy motherfucker! Need to gig sometime soon, will let you guys know if we have anything free coming up!
  7. avatar don sebestian
    yeah defo! cheers lads!