1. avatar EPK
    So, it's getting on for twenty years since your idol died.
    You get asked to do a memorial night for him, meet his mother and have a great time.
    Then [url="http://www.epkmusic.co.uk/philbass/1.jpg"]this[/url] turns up.

    It's been in your hero's mother's house since the day he died.

    You [url="http://www.epkmusic.co.uk/philbass/2.jpg"]open it up.[/url]

    [url="http://www.epkmusic.co.uk/philbass/3.jpg"]There it is.[/url]
    Still got the last set of strings he played on it, with his sweat .[url="http://www.epkmusic.co.uk/philbass/4.jpg"]under those strings[/url].

    [url="http://www.epkmusic.co.uk/philbass/5.jpg"]That famous mirrored scratchplate[/url].

    So, [url="http://www.epkmusic.co.uk/philbass/6.jpg"]you just gotta play it.[/url]

    [url="http://www.epkmusic.co.uk/philbass/7.jpg"]You gotta pose with it.[/url]

    And, of course, you gotta [url="http://www.epkmusic.co.uk/philbass/8.jpg"]throw "that" shape.[/url].

    But if Mickey Waters of The Answer says he's buying it....don't believe a word.

    With grateful thanks to Ivan and all at The Belfast Guitar Emporium for their kindness, help and support.
    With special thanks and respect to Philomena Lynott. Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes at: 7/5/05 5:19 pm
  2. avatar T Entertainment
    The 'that shape' pic is top/hilarous... :lol
  3. avatar greensleevesisgod
    That is so class. What a legend.
  4. avatar Pete

    just, wow

    Micky you lucky barsteward
  5. avatar ryankozzi
    Yeah. His mother, she was at Maghaberry Prison watching a group of the inmates playing as a Thin Lizzy tribute band. No joke.
    And apparently they are indeed very very good.
  6. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak...

    ...Sorry :rolleyes
  7. avatar The Fires of Hell

    More here...

  8. avatar Mithrandir81
    yeah, i saw that on sat, apparently expected to sell for at least a million squid...

    could have given in a wee bit of a clean an polish to get all those nasty fingerprints off :evil
  9. avatar Pete
    A million? Doubt it... was it one of the Guitar Emporium guys who told you that? A pinch of salt required!

    And I doubt it's for sale anyway
  10. avatar EPK
    Nope..it's for making a replica of, not for sale.
  11. avatar Seamusmaguidhir
    I just happened to stumble over (quite literally cos i was rubbered) "the rocker" being featured on the biography channel on sky late on friday night, bleeding wonderful. all i have to do now is find out when it's on again so i acn watch it when sober!